Empress of Influence

A masterclass in finding your voice and using it without fear

A masterclass in finding your voice and using it without fear

In the online world, fear rules the roost.

It shackles digital entrepreneurs to the status quo, forcing them to stay small and keep quiet, or show up as someone else, desperate as we humans are to assimilate, to be liked, to find our tribe.

We fear being disliked, disowned and disingenuous 😣

We fear showing up authentically, we fear cancel culture, public shaming, and rejection. We’re terrified of not including every perspective or every person, of comparison, of exposure, of humiliation.

Nobody wants to be the next pound of flesh the digital vigilantes come hunting for, so we smile our nice-girl smiles and disclaimer ourselves into … nothing 🙃

That fear stops today.

You are not a destination for other people’s insecurities.

You did not launch your business to people please your way to the top. You are stronger than any attempt that comes to tear you down.

My brand-new masterclass,

The Empress of Influence,

brings together my experience in over a decade of occupying this ever-changing space and what I’ve learned from being built up and torn down countless times 🔥💪🏻👸🏻🤯

This is a 3-part masterclass in first owning and then stepping into your authenticity online without fear, without shame.

Lesson 1


Free yourself from the projective hellscape that is societal norms and other people’s opinions and come back to your truth in all its messy, nuanced glory.

This module will catapult you out of the fear and away from toxic visibility, into a place of strength and self-seeing, so you can start sharing with security and honesty. You will hold a mirror to yourself and discover exactly who you are, so you stop simply making noise and start aligning with your values effortlessly 🙏🏻

We will transform your understanding of authenticity, seeing it not as a destination, but a journey in the ever-evolving story of you. The fear of “finding your authentic self” will dissolve and you will step into your role as a dynamic powerhouse of progress, ready to adapt and transform your online presence alongside your truth 💪🏻

By the end of the module, you will have looked inwards, shed the conditioning, found your sparkle and learned how to glow, even in your weakness 

Lesson 2


In the online world, cancel culture is the boogey man we hide from. But what happens when it comes for you? I’ve been there, faced the monsters … and (hi, I’m still here), lived to tell the tale!😋

There is an enormous weight of responsibility that comes with being visible online, one we don’t talk about often. But it is not your duty or even in your power to please everyone. Diluting your truth won’t achieve it, it will simply distance you from your truth. The revolution away from fear starts with one simple truth: You Are Enough.

In this module, I will guide you away from the mindset of fear and into one of growth, because even the most stomach-churning moments can be leveraged for greater success.

You will master the complex art of what I like to call “Not Giving A Fuck About Other People’s Opinions”, and learn how to anchor your confidence in your own magic. Because you are so much more than the projections that are limiting you 💙


👊🏻 How to stop apologising for who you are and harness your gifts the world needs.

🔥 How to respond in the face of a baying crowds scoring their blood-sport thrills from attempting to humiliate a stranger

👸🏻 How to move through the challenge with grace and your mental health intact

How to leverage it for self-development and a bottom-line boost

Lesson 3

💚Building Your Community💚

If cancel culture is the boogey man that comes to tear you down, your online tribe is the community that lifts you up, again and again.

In this module, I’ll share everything I’ve learned about cultivating meaningful relationships online and finding my cheerleader audience.

The magic here is in mastering modules 1 & 2, because when you see yourself for who you are, other people do too. The magnetism simply happens … it is not a sleight of hand or mask you must wear, knowing yourself is HOT and your crowd will follow 💋😉


🕊 How to lead with grace and authenticity in the power of your truth

💚 How to cultivate compassionate and empowered relationships

👑 How to maintain healthy boundaries and high standards online

The Empress of Influence is a stand alone class but I highly recommend pairing it with my latest class, Class Act!

See what people have to say about the sister class! 👇🏻😍💚 

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